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Mission, Vision, Beliefs

Our Mission

Resurrect Ministry is a non-denominational Christian organization that encourages everyone to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Through its website, digital ads, media productions, and electronic communications, the ministry offers a multitude of ways one can experience the redemptive, healing power of Christ. We harness the incredible power of the Internet to spread the gospel and make it accessible in every corner of the Earth, to every person, everywhere.

Our Vision

We believe anybody, anywhere can meet Jesus where THEY ARE.

 If you are not yet a believer but are curious, you don’t have to physically go to a church, or even tell anyone that you’re watching or reading the content. But you can have a real, life-changing, encounter with Christ.

 If you are a believer who is far from God, the content on this site will inspire you to embrace the Holy Spirit that dwells within you and rekindle that personal relationship with your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Thousands of people of all races and ages are being healed from illness, desperation, and hopelessness through the power of accepting Christ as their salvation.

 Lives are being radically changed by receiving the Holy Spirit. You have NOTHING to lose if you just take the step. 

So, will you take the Jesus Challenge?

Our Beliefs

We believe Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of the One living God. He was entirely human and entirely God, simultaneously. He descended from Heaven to Earth as a recompense for the sins of humanity so he can set free all those who believe in him from the bondage of sin and death. 

His arrival fulfilled over 300 prophecies that were foretold about the coming Messiah, and He performed countless signs, wonders, and miracles during His brief life on Earth. When a person accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and believe He died for their sins to be forgiven and rose again from the grave, he or she will receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to guide and inspire them throughout their lives. The more a believer prays, reads the Scripture, and cultivates that relationship with God, the stronger will be the transformative power of that relationship.

Pastors are not intermediaries between the believer and God. He or she often has undergone formal educational training in Scripture and Biblical theology and/or has spent years in apprenticeship under other scholars and teachers, in addition to self-study. The ultimate goal of the preacher is to effectively transmit God’s word to the listeners, so their lives are transformed, and they become mature Christians. Ideally, the Pastor is highly gifted in preaching so that his/her interpretations and applications of the Scripture can inspire each listener with what God wants for their lives, specifically. God speaks to us through his Word and through other believers. 

The Bible is the living, infallible word of God. It speaks to us directly and answers all our questions about how Christ fits into our understanding of God and religion. We simply must open our hearts and listen. 

Jesus is alive TODAY. He will meet you wherever you are.

Support Resurrect Ministry

Please help Resurrect Ministry in our mission to encourage everyone to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Every donation is greatly appreciated by us no matter how big or small, and every dollar allows us to spread the gospel to more people everywhere.