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Why read a Bible? Reading the Bible goes deeper than knowing the history of a religion or culture. Most Christians believe the Bible is the actual, infallible word of God transmitted by the Holy Spirit to the prophets and apostles. It is timeless and eternal. Its wisdom is as applicable today as when it was written over 1500 years ago. Reading the Word of God, gives the reader insight into the personality and unfailing love of God for humanity, as well as His timeless wisdom for every aspect of our life. The stories of the Bible display God’s unfailing mercy and compassion for humanity from the Old Testament through the end of the New Testament. Not all parts of the Bible are easy to read, but none of it is unnecessary to the story, so pushing through those tough parts is encouraged.


Every version has the goal to make the Bible easier to understand while being accurate to the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts.

KJV – KING JAMES VERSION – Authorized by King James I of England in 1604 and finished in 1611. It was the standard for English speaking Protestants. This translation uses prose.

NKJV – NEW KING JAMES VERSION – Retains beauty and style of King James Version, but adds more of a modern English translation.

NIV – NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION –  Intention to bring Bible readers more clarity of meaning. Inspired and founded by General Electric engineer – Howard Long.

NLT – NEW LIVING TRANSLATION – Translates entire thoughts and not just words.

AMP – AMPLIFIED VERSION – Translates through relevance and clarity by taking words and context to accurately translate to any language.

MSG – THE MESSAGE – This version was made with relevance, vitality, and direct language in mind. The translator himself desired to help readers feel what he felt when he read the Bible, but realized it wasn’t happening with the original Greek text.


If you find any passages in the Bible or explanations you hear in a sermon about Christ, the church or the nature of God himself, it is highly encouraged that you research those passages to gain a broader understanding of the text in question. In other faiths such as Islam, believers are told to internalize and accept the text as written, without question. However, in relationship with Christ, we are encouraged to explore the meaning of Scripture and to ask the tough questions. We may explore the answers when in prayer, seek the advice of learned scholars, or even use research platforms such as to better grasp the meaning of the sacred texts. Logos is very robust and expansive Bible study platform. The software helps with anything biblical from study prep for a sermon to facilitating or doing your own personal Bible study. It is usually used by those who are doing an in-depth study of the Bible for teaching or advanced educational purposes. A free version is available for those who want to explore the capabilities of the program.

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