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Negin was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and together with her immediate family, they were forced to flee their home during the Soviet war in the late 1980’s. As Negin grew up to be a young Muslim teenager in the United States, she struggled to find her identity in Islam and wrestled to meet her family’s expectations for her to be a good Muslim girl and uphold her family’s name and honor, while integrating into western culture. Negin fell in love with a non-Afghan Muslim man, Alex, with whom she had become pregnant, but her parents were furious and refused to allow the relationship to continue. They forced her to get an unwanted abortion and sent her away to Europe to marry a relative in an arranged marriage. She managed to escape and return back into the United States, where she eloped with Alex, whom she’s been married to for 14 years and together they have 6 children.

As a young working mom and wife, Negin felt even more distant from Allah, the God in Islam. She felt the heavy weight of this world in the form of depression, anxiety, and bitterness. One night, Negin was awoken to find the three Crosses of Calvary on her wall in the form of light. Curious about this vision, she had her first spiritual encounter at a Calvary Chapel church, where she heard the Gospel and worship music for the first time. She immediately felt the heavy burdens of her life lift off her shoulders and her hardened heart burst open to receive Christ Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

Shortly after receiving the Lord but being weak in her walk, Negin wandered in the wilderness of life for the next few years, leading her into greater heartache, despair and loss of hope. After taking many more wrong turns in her life, she was brought down to her knees where she finally surrendered all areas of her life to Jesus and turned to Him for redemption. Negin’s new covenant with the Lord came in the form of attending Women’s Bible Studies, teaching and serving in the Children’s Ministry, and a divine call to publicly profess her new found faith by getting Baptized. The Lord continues to use Negin to share her testimony with various churches and ministries throughout California, in a way to encourage others and draw them to the Cross. Negin is also the Prayer Coordinator for COMMA Network – a ministry to reach Muslims.

Negin's story

Meet Mehrzad Jahanbin. The miraculous power of Jesus Christ captured his heart while he was still living in Iran! Mehrzad encountered the power of Jesus Christ and saw him face to face in a supernatural encounter. Jesus transformed his life after years of seeking and practicing Islam and mysticism. After his miraculous salvation, he was persecuted and opposed for his faith and knew he had to escape Iran. In January 2015, he was miraculously rescued, and he immigrated to Australia. Close to giving up his hope after losing everything, Jesus appeared to Mehrzad once again and gave him the mandate to inspire faith in Christ in all nations and empower those who are persecuted.

Click HERE to listen and be inspired by his amazing journey to the Lord.

Mehrzad's Story

Angela grew up as a regular member and servant in her church, and all the programs that came with church. But it wasn’t until much later in her life when she finally encountered Jesus. Health issues, a toxic marriage, and a fear of failure kept Angela in a paralyzed relationship with God. She couldn’t feel the love He had for her, even though she knew it was there. She became angry with Him when her life took turns that she prayed against. She lost belief in the value of prayer in her life, though she still believed it worked for other people. After years of hanging onto ideals, trusting in her own understanding, and experiencing the ups and downs of depression and oppression, Angela found herself in a desperate place of quitting it all. She knew she was too afraid to take her own life, so she just wanted to run away from it all. She figured running away from her current life, changing her name, and starting over would help her start fresh. But, God caught her before she fell. He used people – friends, her medical team, pastors, and other church leaders – who spoke truth into her life in a way that helped her believe a little again. The Lord took that little belief and drew her into Him. He reminded her of who He was, how He loved her, and all the ways He had been by her side. He showed her the promises in His Word in a way she hadn’t heard them before. He told her who SHE was in HIM in a way she could receive it. And Jesus met her in a way she desperately needed. It was beautiful and intimate. That was the beginning of new. Today, Angela is serving the Lord in any way the Holy Spirit leads. She is using her passion for storytelling and performing arts to bring people to the knowledge of Christ and the true, unfailing love of God.

Angela 's story

As far back as he can remember, Kevin has suffered from depression and thoughts of suicide. Even as a child, he remembers feeling like death would be a better option than life. These thoughts haunted him into adulthood. On more than one occasion, Kevin attempted to take his own life but survived. In his final attempt, he survived by the slimmest of margins, saved by an encounter with a God he didn’t know or believe in at the time.

As he prepared to drive the six-inch blade into his leg in hopes of severing his femoral artery, Kevin heard a voice say, “Turn your leg.” Kevin didn’t question these words. He simply obeyed. He drove the knife into his leg. When he saw the blood, he believed it was finished. When the bleeding slowed, Kevin needed to make a decision. Without knowing why, he called 911.

In the ER, doctors told Kevin that he couldn’t have come any closer to the artery without hitting it. This experience awakened Kevin to the truth that he was God’s child and that God wasn’t done with him. Jesus, an angel, God, whomever it was, told him to turn his leg, and it saved his life.

Since then, Kevin has faithfully served God in any way he is led. He is choosing joy, even in the midst of the battles he still faces. This one encounter brought Kevin into a relationship with a God of love, mercy, and grace.

Kevin's story

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