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Inclusion of these individuals is not meant to be an endorsement, nor is it an exhaustive list of all the wonderful preachers and evangelists throughout the world today. Many are not even aware they are being represented on this site. It is simply to educate the new believer on the breadth and scope of ways to reach Christ.


This section is dedicated to the pastors, authors, and evangelists who have poured into my soul the great wisdom of the Gospel and taught me how to practically apply it to my life. They all have a unique style of teaching, but all of them believe and affirm the importance of the Bible in the daily life of the believer. They do not claim to be intermediaries between you and the voice of God. They are gifted “transmitters” of God’s word and His message to the listeners. What makes these individuals extraordinary is their ability to transmit the teaching in a way that speaks directly to a person’s heart without knowing the personal circumstances of the listeners.  

Many of these churches have members throughout the world. It is NOT required to live in his/her particular city to join the church and officially participating in all its activities. If you are not comfortable going to a church physically near you or do not have one available, I really encourage you to consider joining one of the churches listed here. It will deepen your faith to have fellow Chrisitians help you in your walk with Christ. Most provide ways for their online members to also engage in volunteer service, tithing/donating, as well as joining a small group or Bible study.

I invite you to listen to each of them and find the one(s) that resonate with you and from whom you feel inspired, edified, and transformed.

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