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This blog is my personal layperson’s commentary on passages I have studied in the Bible or heard in Sermons that has transformed the way I view life experiences, my future, and/or my relationship with Christ. Statements that come directly from the sermons, the Bible, or biblical commentary are attributed accordingly. This information is provided solely for educational purposes. The intent is to inspire the reader to discover how the text relates to their own lives and encourages them to begin or renew their relationship with Jesus Christ. In some instances, we pray it encourages the reader to watch the sermons of the Pastor from whom the knowledge came from so they can deepen their understanding of Christ and the Scripture. In each case, it is not meant to be regarded as original scholarship.

1 John 4:10

Why Did I Leave Islam to Become a Christ Follower?

By Hedieh Mirahmadi I am so excited to share my transformation in Christ with you! I know the question on
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What Has Jesus Done for Me – Book of Romans Chapter 3

By Hedieh Mirahmadi Most of my adult life I spent engrossed in Muslim devotions because I wanted God’s forgiveness and
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When God Comes Down

Dr Ed Hindson is the Dean Emeritus of School of Divinity at Liberty University and is a great mentor and
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T.D. Jakes

T.D. Jakes In His Presence By Hedieh Mirahmadi No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life; as
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Encountering The Power of God

Encountering The Power of God

Pastor Tony Evans Encountering The Power of God By Hedieh Mirahmadi Pastor Evans does this wonderful exhortation on how the
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lion baby


By Hedieh Mirahmadi Background: The book of Romans in the Bible was written by the Apostle Paul, also known as
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